During the summer months, when temperatures are particularly on the rise, it's more important than ever to ensure your car is running properly. Not only will this ensure your car runs smoothly but will keep you safe while on the road. Whether you're headed out for a summer road trip or just planning on cruising around Pelham, here are some summer vehicle maintenance tips from the experts at Susan Schein Automotive.

Maintenance for Air Conditioning

Getting stuck in the summer heat without your air conditioning working can be uncomfortable. Before summer hits, get your air conditioner tuned-up to ensure it is up to par. If your air conditioner is on the fritz, it may be as simple as adding more Freon or it could be a larger issue. Be sure to have an experienced technician inspect your air conditioner to diagnose any problems and make repairs before the summer heat hits.

Oil Changes Before Trips

Intense weather conditions can put extra demands on your vehicle's oil and oil filter. Your oil works to keep your engine parts lubricated, while the filter works to capture harmful debris, dirt and metal fragments out of the oil system. By keeping your oil clean, you'll have a more efficient engine and therefore a more efficient running car. Bottom line -- take your car to your local dealership to get your oil and oil filter changed during the summer months.

Check your Tires

You may not realize it, but the summer heat can wreak havoc on your tires. Have a mechanic look at your car's tire pressure and fill them up to their appropriate levels to stay safe on the roads this summer.

Replace your Car's Battery if Needed

We all know the importance of having a battery that is charged up! Don't get left stranded in the summer heat. Check your car's battery regularly, especially during the summer months. The summer's heat can cause battery fluid to evaporate, which can lead to corrosion. Your localservice technicians at Susan Schein Automotive will be happy to assist you.

Visit Susan Schein Automotive for Summer Vehicle Maintenance

As you can see, it's incredibly important to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape in the summer. Susan Schein Automotive is proud to help those in Birmingham, Vestavia, Hoover, and Pelham keep their vehicle running properly during the hot summer months. From oil changes to replacing your car's battery and giving your vehicle a thorough inspection, we'll help you stay safe on the road. Schedule your service appointment at our dealership today and see how we can help extend the longevity of your vehicle and save money down the road.